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Taking a day off (Day 3)

With our original planned departure date of Tuesday, my parents weren't going to be able to make it up from Massachusetts to see me and the house. But, with our one day delay, things changed, and they were able to make it today, so we decided to hang out in Merrimack for another day. While Mrs. Keay made us breakfast, she mentioned that she had heard a loud bang yesterday, and saw a puff of smoke come from near the truck. After breakfast, I went to investigate. My first guess was the truck tire that I found a bulge in last week, and sure enough, the bubble had let go. Time to learn how to change a dually tire!

But first, to find a replacement tire. Luckily, there was a shop in town that could get one this morning for the low, low price of $316.99. With the tire ordered, it was time for the hard work. I figured it was going to be a bear the get the lug nuts loose, but surprisingly, they loosened up pretty easy. From there, I brought out the 3-ton SUV jack, but that wasn't enough to lift the truck with the car in the back. Luckily, the truck had a 20-ton bottle jack inside and that did the trick. After getting the lug nuts off, the outside tire came right off, followed by the inside tire. Piece of cake!

Right after that, my parents showed up, and we gave them the grand tour. From there, we took off to drop the tire off, go apple picking and get lunch. On the way back home, we picked up the repaired tire. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't stick around long, and after they left, I put the truck tires back on, and Shenee helped me load the motorcycle back on the trailer. After that, Mrs. Keay made us another great dinner, and now we are spending the rest of the night hanging out and getting ready for tomorrow, when we plan to drive to Pennslyvania to visit my sister Abby.

Daily Stats:

Mileage: 0 miles

Travel Time: 0 hours

Fuel Cost: $0

Toll Cost: $0

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