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The Wicked Tiny House interior is finished - for now!

I took a few minutes and went through all the old blog posts and realized that there were tons of pictures of the outside of the Wicked Tiny House, but interior pictures are severely lacking. When the house left Maine the interior was finished, but severely lacking in the homeyness department. I figured that doing all those finishing touches that make a house feel like home could wait, especially considering that things would probably get shaken up a bit on the ride out!

The folks at HGTV wanted the house looking "fabulous" prior to our last day of shooting, so we were forced to get the decorating done. This is probably a good thing, because I am not a big fan of interior decorating. Luckily Shenee has much more of an eye for it than I do. Shenee spent a day driving around, framing pictures and buying odds and ends that just hadn't made it into the priorities list, while I stayed at the house and did things like put the ladder together, fix the shower, replace a broken LED light, and a few other things.

The result at the end of the day was a clean and pretty awesome looking house. For now I'm actually pretty happy with how the space is working and how well everything is functioning. A few things that are left on the to-do list are to buy/install a TV, fix the folding ladder, and.... actually, I think that's all for now! I'm sure as more time is spent in the house there will be things that I want to change, but for now, I'm satisfied.

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