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What Time are you Leaving?

For the much of the Labor Day weekend, we've had friends over helping us try to make our leaving date of Tuesday, 9/6. Many of the neighbors have noticed the uptick in activity and have come over to see what's going on and help out as well. Most of the neighbors know our story and our planned departure date. At some point today, one of the neighbors came by and was chatting with us. He asked what time on Tuesday we were leaving. One of our helpers who happened to be walking by at the time quickly answered before I had chance. "Thursday".

It's funny, because it might be true. We have stuff scattered everywhere. All over the yard, driveway, sidewalk, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, shed, and I'm sure other places I haven't looked yet. It doesn't look like we are even close to being ready to leave, but I swear, we are getting close! I spent most of the day today moving from project to project, chipping away at the tasks I've been putting off. We put up the kitchen table, finished the outdoor shower, plumbed in the outdoor shower, checked all the gas appliances, finished the undercoating, wired the brakes, and I'm sure a bunch of other things. Shenee spent most of the morning running errands, and then got the curtains hung in the afternoon.

We are going to put in another long day tomorrow, and hopefully with a little help from friends, everything will come together.

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