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Most people are curious how much the house weighs, and when they ask, I always make them guess, because I'm a huge pain in the butt. Guesses have ranged from a low of 6,000 to a high of 20,000. I actually didn't know how much the Wicked Tiny House weighed for 8 months!

In June of this year, I finally decided that I needed to know how much the house weighed, so I took it on its first road trip down to Dysart's Truck Stop in Hermon, where they have a public scale. It's a hooking/unhooking the trailer by myself, so I figured I could just weight the truck/trailer combo, subtract the weight of the truck, and have a pretty good weight estimate for the house. I was figuring somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000 pounds....

15,400 total pounds, minus an estimated 4,700 pounds for the truck, equals an estimated house weight of 10,700 pounds. At that point, the house was approximately 90% complete, so I figured finishing the last 10% of the house and adding our belongings would bring the total weight right up to the 12,000 pound rating of the trailer axles. Pushing the limit, but manageable.

Fast forward to now, with the house 99% done, I wanted to get a more accurate weight. So, I enlisted Mark to come with me to the scales. Just like last time, I drove the truck and tiny house on the scale and got a total weight. This time though, after getting the total weight, Mark helped me disconnect the trailer, and we drove the truck back onto the scale by itself. After getting the truck weighed, we hooked the trailer back up, and drove over to the office to get our results.

Truck and Trailer Weight: 25,000 pounds

Truck Weight: - 12,020 pounds

Tiny House Weight: = 9,700 pounds?!?!??!

Yeah, so according to the scale, even though I've added more material to the house in the last two months, it has LOST a 1,000 pounds! Now we all know that's not possible, so what happened? Well, the estimated weight that I used for the old truck was a bit on the low side. GMC needs to stop releasing 47 different trim combinations for its trucks that all have a different weight and I need to work on my researching skills!

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