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It fits!

Moving two people, their stuff, and their vehicles, across the the country is a logistical challenge if you decide to do it yourself. Especially if you have a tiny house, three vehicles, and three motorcycles. So how does one transport all this stuff 2,600 miles in one trip? The plan is to put Shenee's Kia Soul in the back of the truck, which will be towing the tiny house. My Subaru will tow my 5'x10' trailer with the three motorcycles. If everything works out as I plan, it will be quite a sight to see moving down the highway.

Today we decided it was time to see if the Kia would actually fit in the back of the truck. We found a parking lot with a super steep embankment that was about the height of the truck bed and backed the truck up to it. A couple of ramps were used to span the 2' gap between the ground and the truck. Shenee tweaked the ramps so they were to correct width and I edged on. As the front wheels got to the middle of the ramp, the ramps started to bend a bit, and we decided to just go for it. I gave it some gas, and the front wheels safely touched down in the back of the truck. Shenee inched me the rest of the way onto the truck. We knew it would be close, but it was SUPER close. Her back tires fit with about 2 inches to spare! Phew!

After getting her car secured to the truck, we drove back to Bangor to see if the house would still attach to the truck with the car overhanging. Unfortunately, we found that we couldn't even get out of the driveway without the storage box running into her bumper while making the tight corner. Solution? Remove the storage box! I designed the box to easily detach if necessary, which I'm super glad I thought about during the design process!

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